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Yes, I'm still alive
Written by Kevin   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009

OK... yes I've been absolutely horrible about updating this web site.... and it's pretty much sat stagnant for over a year, get over it! Wink

With that out of the way my plan right now is to completely redesign this site soon.  With Twitter, Facebook and sites like Picassa, this site is becoming pretty much obsolete.  So my plan is to look at building a site that will pull in elements from the other sites where I am keeping myself much more updated.

If you want to follow me on Twitter check out http://twitter.com/kestryl

If you want to follow me on Facebook check out http://facebook.com/kreelfs

I'm also going to look into adding modules for both Facebook and Twitter.

I will also be working on updating my web gallery soon, but for now you can look at my Picassa web gallery from my recent vacation.

Vacation 09


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Lots of Updates, and We Have Moved
Written by Julie   
Monday, 12 May 2008

Family at Disney WorldLots of changes for the Reelfs family. We have not updated the website because starting late September of 2007 we were preparing to move back to California.

Kevin went back for some work over the summer of 2007 and a decision was made to return to Lockheed/JPL work in California. Needless to say, Julie had a big task selling the house in Alabama in a very slow real estate market, and over the holidays!

The Lord watched over us and although we were separated a lot while Kevin worked in California before the house sold, it did sell. It closed the end of February and we bought another house here in Simi Valley and did some remodeling before moving in about 30 days later. 

Pictures of the new house are coming, but for now here are all of the holidays from Fall 2007 forward. Kyle had a cool 2nd grade play, a birthday party, and the family had Halloween and a trip to Disney World in October 2007.

There are new school portraits of both boys, Christmas photos, Blake turning 5 here in CA, Easter, and a few last trips to the Natchez Trace and the nature trail around in Alabama before we left.

We'll have more soon including Indiana Jones IV movie premiere news and pictures, and some shots of the new house.

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